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Creating Inner Peace

With a unique approach to therapy, psychologist Robert E. Griffin is able to offer highly individualized, personal care to each and every client we serve. Let us help you build on the strengths you already have in order to achieve the growth you desire. We can also help with substance abuse, marital issues, addictions, bereavement or stress and anger management. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Don't deal with depression alone!

Depression and other mood disorders bring about feelings of sadness and hopelessness that can effect your thinking, emotions and behavior. These feelings can be overcome with the help of experienced professionals. We accept most major insurances and offer evening appointment availability for your convenience.

Let us provide the warm and caring environment you need to begin overcoming depression and other mood disorders.

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• Persistent sad or anxious mood

• Hopelessness or pessimism

• Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

• Loss of pleasure in activities you previously enjoyed (including sex)

• Decreased energy or fatigue

• Difficulty concentrating

• Difficulty making decisions

• Insomnia, including early morning waking or oversleeping

• Low appetite, weight loss or gain

• Thoughts of death or suicide

• Suicide attempts

• Restlessness and irritability

• Persistent physical symptoms (headaches, digestive, pain)

Overcome depression at the first sign:


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